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Shattering the comfort zone!

“You can't be that kid standing at the top of that water slide over thinking it. You have to go down that chute!  - Tina Fey

These were the words I was thinking of when I did my very first stand-up gig - the scariest experience of my life (apart from childbirth of course!). But the feeling after was amazing - pure exhilaration, joy and "Wow I did it" and, "Did I really do that?!"

It was something I had been wanting to do for a long time and finally I thought; "I've got to stop thinking about it and just do it."

Feel the fear and do it anyway right?! This is why I love performing (the exhilaration and the fear...yes, I still get nervous). Doing comedy has massively developed my confidence and it's the skills I've learned, that I now want to share with others through my workshops.


I have trained with the UK's top comedy coach as well as a clown master (yes, really!) and shared the stage alongside some of Europe's celebrated comedians, which has inspired my creativity, confidence, and willingness to shatter the comfort zone into smithereens! I bring unconventional teaching methods from my time as a creative meditation teacher and improvisation performer - giving permission for that inner clown to really thrive! 


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