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The art of noticing


This is exercise is designed to...

notice things you wouldn’t normally pay attention to

opens awareness

gets you noticing details

incorporates more mindfulness into your day

gets you into the process seeing, exploring and experimenting

gets you out of automatic pilot”
bring awareness to what you doing, thinking 
and, sensing 
in the moment

makes your day more interesting!



With your camera…

Abandon your inner critic and pay attention to things you wouldn’t normally pay attention to, let alone stop for. Look at shapes, patterns and textures of everyday things you may usually walk past. For example; the shapes made from cracks in the pavement or the weeds growing up between the cracks, noticing a shadow, the texture of a leaf, the pattern you see on the bark of tree. Get up close and really take notice of every detail.


And maybe…

If you want to experiment a bit then try looking at things from different angles for example; down from a window or balcony or kneel down and look up.

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