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B.E.A.M (Be Empowered Adjust the Mindset) interactive online workshops 

We are back in February 2022! In the meantime, check out some of the workshops we did this year....

So grab yourself a cuppa and join your host Kym Nelson, founder of MindfulThinking@Play

for a lively evening with meditation, improv, juicy interactive discussion,, tricks and techniques to
make us feel more empowered to handle whatever tries to disempower us! This event will be an experience
to learn, observe and interact, as well as taking the time to focus on ourselves (and no one else!)

during the next hour!

Previously we've featured guest teachers to bring a different perspective on a topic. Guest teachers

have included; an Embodied Transformation Coach, Voice Coach and Burlesque Teacher.

More information coming soon on the guest teachers for this series of workshops. There's always an element

of surprise!


Schedule of topics for discussion;

Empowering moves = Feb

Speaking Out = March

Challenging our self-limiting beliefs = April

Let's talk about impostor syndrome = May 

Removing the blocks to confidence  = June


Writing through impostor syndrome 

An interactive exploration on a topic that has way more influence over us than it should! We will focus on developing a new script for ourselves and, getting rid of the symptoms of imposter syndrome through writing, mindful games and discussion (that's the lively part!). We will end with a meditation where we focus on our best selves and embrace who we are. Our special guest teacher this month is Marie Nilsson who will be showing us her ' Combating Fear' exercise, which she created following a hiking accident where she fell 450 metres. You can listen to her fascinating story on our podcast:


Removing the blocks to confidence

We'll be talking about ways to become more confident by removing the blocks and, asking what we would like to be more confident in? We'll be doing some improvisation games to get you feeling more confident plus a meditation where we visualise our confident self. 

What to bring: A cup of tea, a notepad, pen and an open mind!


Grab a cuppa and

join us for


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