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Encouraging children to wonder through movement, mindful games, creativity, meditation and philosophy. After all,
children are natural philosophers who are always asking 'why' so we actively explore the why! Bringing fun, laughter and inspiration but above all…nurturing confidence, self-esteem, focus, concentration and attention spans. Questions naturally develop into a discussion and encourage a growth mindset


Often we inspire animated discussion talking openly about what emotions are, ways to understand them, and how to deal with the negative ones when they occur. Past topics have included:

How to Deal with a Worry - Through storytelling, we teach about anxiety, what it is, why it's normal and coping skills to try out.

The Search for Happiness - An active workshop where we talk about what we are grateful for and how to find joy in everyday things.

Understanding Boredom - Countless studies have shown that we are more creative when we’re bored but gadgets are making it difficult to even reach the point where boredom and creativity meet. So we teach children that boredom is an important life skill when it comes to feeding the imagination.


We teach in schools and run workshops and retreats. See more of what we do; 

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