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Empowered like...   Starting on Wednesday 17th March 2021

Looking at the traits of empowered women through their work, their stories, what they have said, and seeing how we can bring some of those traits into our own lives. It will be a fascinating journey as we reflect on these women and ourselves. This will be an interactive workshop which also includes mindful techniques to help us relax into conversation! Definitely a learning experience. This six part series is just the beginning as we add more women to be inspired by. 
Investment is: £6.50 per session 

Empowered like...former first lady Michelle Obama  

on Wednesday 17th March @ 7.30pm till 8.30pm (UK time)

We certainly couldn't have a list of empowering women without including Michelle Obama! 

We will look at how she carries herself, what makes her a great speaker

(she certainly hasn't always been one), and what makes her so inspiring to women

and men. 

Investment: £6.50



Empowered like...activist and journalist Gloria Steinem, 

on Wednesday 21st April @ 7.30pm till 8.30pm (UK time)

An acclaimed journalist, trailblazing feminist, and one of the most visible, passionate

leaders and spokeswomen of the women’s rights movement in the late 20th and

early 21st centuries. We look at the movements she has led which has
empowered women and young girls. in particular we will look at how she helps women

to stand up for themselves and, what the characteristics are that make her strong.

Investment: £6.50




Empowered like...Mexican painter, Frida Khalo

on Wednesday 21st May @ 7.30pm till 8.30pm (UK time)

We couldn't really have a list of empowered women without

Frida! We look at why this artist is so inspiring through her words, art,

courage, and the many barriers she overcame in her life. In particular

we will look at how she lived up to the motto: "I am enough."
Investment: £6.50




Empowered like.. one of the most influential feminist thinkers of
the 20th century, 
Simone de Beauvoir

on Wednesday 23rd June @ 7.30pm till 8.30pm (UK time)
Simone de Beauvoir is a feminist icon. She was an engaged intellectual

who combined philosophical and literary productivity with
real-world political action that led to lasting legislative change.  She
thought a lot about the human struggle to be free and this is what 

will focus on - ways we can feel free in areas of our life where we 

feel constrained.  

Contact us to to book any of these sessions or to book the series 

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