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Exercise your intuition


This is a very simple exercise but effective in directing and opening the mind.


Designed to...

  • explore what you are naturally drawn to

  • allows you to notice the little things around you

  • opens your mind  

  • enliven your senses

  • helps you look at things in new and different ways

  • be in the now


All you need to do is...

 Pick a colour (the first one which comes to mind).

Then go out and take pictures of anything that resembles that colour, and I mean anything! By choosing one colour it allows you to have a focus.

Having a focus also helps to block out your own thoughts as you focus on

the colour you have chosen.


And if you want to take it further…

if there is something you are really drawn to then experiment with taking
photos from all kinds of angles of that object (up, down, from the sides). Notice
when you get bored of taking photos of this object (this is when creativity happens) because then you have to really look to maintain your interest, for 
example, you
may have missed a cobweb when you looked before or a crack. It’s a lesson in noticing and being aware.


Take a camera (if you have one) rather than your phone because disruptions like texts can interfere with your focus. 






















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