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Mind @ PLAY in work!

(corporate workshops) 


Our workshops focus on improvisation to bring out the inner clown and creativity and mediation, which are essential for releasing new ideas and inspiration by relaxing the mind and body.


We blend creative meditation, breathing methods, mindfulness, and improvisation skills with a strong emphasis on eclectic combination to keep you interested, motivated, and ready for the unexpected!


Our style of workshops, which are fun and inspiring, aim to optimise wellbeing and provide a strong focus on not just functioning but flourishing.

Prioritising the skills that move us forward, not pull us back!


Our workshops cover topics such as:

Encouraging Self-Esteem and Confidence

Exploring New Thinking Styles

Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges

Breaking Down the Barriers to Creativity 

Bringing More Mindful Fun Into Working Life

Creating a Happier Working Environment

How to Switch Off After Work

Building up Resilience to Stress

Wellbeing Tools to Thrive in and outside work

With Three Goals

Wellbeing goals: Empowering with wellness goals to manage stress, focus, energy and work/life balance. 

Creative goals: Generate new ways of thinking and a different perspective on working life. 

Playful goals: We tend to lose our playfulness as grown-ups, but playfulness can capture our creativity if done in a clever way. 


All workshops are tailored to meet specific needs within a time-frame of your choice, whether it's for 2-hours/ half day or full day. Venue options can even be provided if you want to make it a retreat-style away day. 

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