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The SlowDown is a workshop in the form of a podcast!

Presented by two quirky English wellbeing teachers Kym Nelson, founder of MindfulThinking@Play and, Maryam De Groef, essential oil educator and nutritionist, who have come together despite being 4000 miles apart (Belgium and Canada). With lively discussion related to wellbeing, life lessons and words to enlighten - the interviews. Always with tips, tricks, observation, humour and, an inspiring meditation to round off. 

Here are a few of our most popular topics related to wellbeing and life lessons. Plus our words to enlighten - the interviews

Kym Nelson (founder of MindfulThinking@Play and co-host of The SlowDown)

Making stress-free decisions

Slowing down for a LiFE Lesson: Making room for fun

Slowing down to make change

Dissecting confidence

Being happy!

Writing a letter to our fears

Maryam De Groef (Co-host on The SlowDown)

Alternative ways of healing

Getting a higher grade on emotional intelligence

Manage stress or burnout

Mental health resilience

Introverts & extroverts

Inner peace

Sleep better

Finding creativity

Being bold, brave and courageous

Being bold, brave and courageous

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