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* Never underestimate the healing power of breath *

In this SlowDown, you will get a lung workout!
So many of us are shallow breathers and are not reaping the benefits of our breath.

We will show you exercises that allow you to breathe more deeply and create more space for the lungs to inflate. By doing this, you effectively increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain and body which, leads to a significant physical impact on overall wellbeing and health. Yes, that's the science bit!

Slowing the heart rate replaces stress and anxiety with feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Find out more at our active breathing practice followed by expert advice on the essential oils which can enhance overall breathing, a creative meditation and time to ask questions afterwards.

Investment: 10 euros.

To register, contact; OR
Location: Biological Dynamic Bakery (1st floor studio) Mechelsesteenweg 72, Antwerp, Belgium 2018
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