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- creative workshops -
The SlowDown
(fortnightly in Antwerp - every second Wednesday) 

7.30pm till 9pm 
@ TOKO 139

Statiestraat 139, 2600 Berchem, Antwerpen, Belgium




The a new fortnightly gathering in Antwerp - an evening of meditation, breathing techniques, mindfulness and...a topic of discussion. Following our discussion on sleep (or lack of, at times) we are focusing on another aspect which affects our conscious lives...stress. 


Join Kym Nelson, science writer/meditation leader and Maryam De Groef, an essential oil educator - both experienced in the art of relaxation 

This week's discussion will focus on ways to enhance our resilience to stress and tips to cope better with day-to-day stresses and balance our mood. The evening will end with a creative meditation. Investment is €10 per session. We have space for 12 people. The session is on Wednesday 10 October. To register contact; OR Maryam UK.MARYAM@GMAIL.COM


Entrance fee; 10 euros including herbal tea.


And if you can't make it then we can still send you our newsletter about the event and other events coming up


Previously...when we mixed art, yoga and meditation

Realisation & Revelation through Yoga, Art & Meditation

At the Turner Contemporary, UK 


We used art, yoga, meditation, the poet TS Eliot and the amazing seaside view for inspiration - the first yoga workshop at the Turner Contemporary. Combining meditative drawing with yoga encourages you to explore your mind and body in a renewed, more arty and positive light. 

With words from TS Eliot (whose work was being exhibited at the Turner) and motivated us to do this workshop at The Turner with words such as :

"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."



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